The Workdays of a Mom Blog

Workdays of a Mom Blog

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 6

Typical Work Week

What’s nice about blogging is that you can set your own hours and work whatever days you want to. I try to do a typical work week but my hours are usually all over the place because I have a little person to take care of. She is my number one priority.

I like to work on my it early in the mornings and in the evenings when my daughter has gone to bed. I used to work on it during her nap time but she has, unfortunately, stopped taking them. It’s a bummer but I make it work.

The only days that I really take a break from blogging is on Saturday and Sunday, the weekend. If I need to get something important done before Monday then I would work during those days.

But I try really hard not to if I can help it because I don’t want to be too burnt out from my blog. Working on it 24/7 can really drive a person crazy.

Typical Work Day

Here I will share what I usually do during the day when working on the blog.

I publish a post on either Friday or Monday once a week. (Now that I am doing the ultimate blog challenge, I hope that it will motivate me to be more consistent once it’s over.) I post mostly in the mornings. If I am not posting a blog post then my mornings are usually for promotion. After that, I do a little bit of drafting, making ideas for new posts.

I try my best during the day not to be on my phone doing blog work while my daughter is up. She is more important than my blog.

In the evenings, is where I usually check my emails and reply back to those who have commented on my blog or social media accounts. I also like to write during that time as well. I’ve noticed lately that I seem to write better in the evenings than in the mornings.

What are your work days as a blogger?

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