Why I Love the Priddy Baby books

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Priddy Baby Books

When I was scrolling through Amazon to look for some toys or books for my baby girl to play with, I came across the Priddy Baby Books. I bought 3 of them. The ones I got were First 100 Words, Numbers, Colors, Shapes, and First 100 Animals books. And they are all under 5 dollars!

The first thing I noticed when they arrived was the padded soft cover. This is absolutely perfect for babies. Even the corners of the pages were rounded so that your little one doesn’t poke him or herself.

The cover and the pages of the books are visually stimulating with all different kinds of colors that are bright and cheerful. The pictures on the inside were easy to identify and they even a label in writing of what each picture was of.

One thing that threw me off thought in the First 100 Animals book was when they labeled the turtle, terrapin. They are just freshwater turtles. It’s not a bad thing. I was just surprised that is wasn’t’ as generic as just saying turtle. But anywho…


Another thing I love about the books is that they are portable! Not sure if you read my 5 Things in my Diaper Bag I Can’t Live Without post but the books I was talking about was the Priddy Baby books. I can just slip them into my bag with ease and be ready to go.

They are also easy to clean. Since it has that smooth padded cover, it’s easy to wipe it down if it gets messy with tiny stick hands.


Educational wise, they help with your child’s speaking and number skills. I bought these books for my little girl when she was about maybe 9 months. I would show her the picture and tell her what animal, shape or number it was. As she grew older she was able to show me in the book what the objects were. Now she is able to identify and tell me what certain animals and shapes are. I definitely recommend the Priddy Baby series whether you have a newborn or a 3-year-old. Consider putting it in your collection of books for your child. They are portable, easy to clean, inexpensive, safe for all ages and educational.

Do you already have these books? Are there any other baby-friendly books out there you recommend? Let me know in the comments!

The Priddy Baby Book Series: For Babies and Toddlers

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