What Surprised me When I became a Mother

What Surprised me When I Became a Mother

When I was pregnant with my little girl, I remember someone asking me if I was ready to be a mother. I told them that I would have to be ready but to be honest I was scared. I knew that I wanted to have children but when the time came, I didn’t think I would know what to do. I would be taking care of a human being whose life was in my hands.

That is a huge responsibility.

As my due date was getting closer and closer, I thought about this even more. I was really going to have this baby to take care of. I definitely needed to pray for strength during this time. But, when I actually did have my daughter, I was surprised that I knew exactly what to do. It’s like my motherly instincts kicked in.

Thankfully she was a calm baby but whenever she cried I usually knew what she needed. Once you get to know your child, you start to learn to differentiate between what a hungry cry and a my-diaper-needs-changing cry. It really is a learning process but I was able to do it!

I’m happy to be able to be on this motherhood journey. Having a child is just a blessing and something I will never regret. My daughter has honestly helped me learn more about myself more than anything.

You will surprise yourself as a mother.

I don’t want women to be scared to be mothers. There will be hardships but the main thing is to not give up. Just slow down and figure out what you need to do. Sometimes we tend to underestimate ourselves but, when put to the test, we discover how strong we actually are. So give yourself credit. You may surprise yourself.

Any women out there who surprised themselves when becoming a mother? Let me know in the comments!

What Surprised me when I became a Mother

6 thoughts on “What Surprised me When I became a Mother

  1. Yes I surprised myself! There were tough times (and still are) but man is it worth it all. Motherhood is a rollercoaster. I have learned to lean on others for support and most importantly that prayer is my number one tool!

    1. It definitely is and yeah getting help from others is important. It’s hard when you isolate yourself.

  2. Not a mother (and don’t plan on being one soon) but I love your blog and I’ve heard many people say what you just did in this post. How scary it is but once it happens how it begins to feel so natural! Congrats on becoming a mother I know you’ll be a great one

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