What I Loved about Being Pregnant

What I Loved About Being Pregnant

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What I Loved about Being Pregnant

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of pregnancy announcement which makes me reminisce about the time I was pregnant with my daughter. There were plenty of things I enjoyed about being pregnant that I miss. There are also some things I don’t miss but that’s for another post. Haha. So here is what I loved about being pregnant.

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Letting it All Hang Out

It was so nice not to be so self-conscious about my belly. I was happy to just let it all hang out. Haha. (Thinking about that song Brick House, aren’t you?)

Being Pampered/Spoiled

I felt like a queen when I was pregnant. I had a wonderful husband who would go to the store or a fast food place in the middle of the night to help satisfy my pregnancy craving. He always made sure I was comfortable and took good care of me.

He knows how to cook. (He can cook better than me. Haha) So he would make meals for me as well. I do love my hubby. and he sure did spoil me.

Using “I’m Pregnant” as an Excuse. 

This was a nice way of getting out of doing things. Now I didn’t abuse this, at least I don’t think I did, Haha, but it was a nice “Get out of Jail Free” card.

Being Pregnant

Feeling the Kicks

Before I was pregnant, I remember watching videos of mamas and their bellies with their child kicking and moving around. I thought that was the weirdest thing. But it’s a whole different story when you experience it yourself. I really miss those belly kicks. I even had a pregnancy shirt that said “Kicking it 24/7”

Watching My Baby Grow

During my pregnancy, it was so cool to see the ultrasound of my baby at doctor appointments and watch the growth of her. It just amazes me what our bodies can do.

Telling people I’m Pregnant

I love the reactions I would get from others when my husband and I would tell them we were having a baby, especially my family. My mom was so excited to be a grandma.

Sometimes I wish we did the announcement better because it was so casual when we told people. Haha “Hey, so, we are having a baby.” I’m laughing just thinking about it.

So anyways that’s all I can think of at the moment about what I loved about being pregnant. It was an incredible journey and wouldn’t trade it for anything.

So mamas, what did you love about your pregnancy?

Being Pregnant

9 thoughts on “What I Loved about Being Pregnant

  1. I loved all these things too! Especially the “I’m pregnant” excuse. I used that one from the very beginning. lol It’s still valid even right after you have your baby. 😉 Loved this post, it was so sweet!

  2. Sweet post. Feeling the baby kicks is the most beautiful sensation in the world and I was only saying to my other half about 10 minutes ago that I miss my bump. Of course he prentended he didn’t hear. Probs thinks I’m ready for another 😂😂

    1. Hehe, Yeah. I’ve always loved the feeling unless I was trying to sleep. Haha. Thanks for reading as always. <3

  3. Definitely the kicks. And the footrubs 🙂
    Using “I’m pregnant” as an excuse! I’ve got a bit of social anxiety so it was always nice to just use that! Love the article!

  4. You know it is so easy to get caught up in the not so fun things about being pregnant, but your right some of these were what I loved about being pregnant. I did live the pampering, “eating for two”, easy excuse when I didn’t want to do something and especially letting my belly hang.

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