Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 2

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 2


Hi! I am Angel. I am a stay-at-home mama to a wonderful 2-year-old girl. Before I started blogging I was looking up ways to earn a little money at home. I came across a post online on how to start a blog. This really intrigued me.

As I begin learning more about blogging, I thought to myself this is what I needed. Not just to make money from it but to have a nice hobby to do on the side while staying at home with my daughter. Something I could look forward to doing during nap times!

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I already had a love for writing so this was perfect for me.

What’s funny is that I didn’t start off wanting to do a mom blog. I actually wanted to do a gamer blog. Haha.

I know…

It does not look like I would be a gamer but it’s true. I love video games.

But with being a mom, I didn’t really have the time to play the latest games or keep up with the new trends. So I decided “Maybe I should do a mom blog.”

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I am super happy I took this direction with my blog because I have been enjoying talking about my motherhood journey and giving out some useful tips to my readers. I would base my niche as a motherhood lifestyle blog.

I do enjoy blogging and the work that goes into it. It makes me feel accomplished even if I’m not really making much money from it yet.

I’m glad to have a platform to be able to express myself especially as someone who is extremely shy.

So thank you for reading. I am excited to continue this blogging journey.

10 thoughts on “Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 2

  1. The thing that I like to see in Mom (Mum in UK) blogs are the comments from their kids. The funniest people on earth are young kids and their observations on life. Enjoy your children because they grow up so fast.

  2. I guess most blogger are shy, I know I am shy as well, I was so shy in school that I remember my 7th grade English teacher tell me to look up and look at people (I always looked down and not eye to eye) One day she took me in the hallway to talk to me, and because she wanted to see eye to eye she sat on the floor and looked up at me- Needless to say that was the WRONG thing to do as others could look into the hallway from other classrooms and see what she did, making things worse for me! But anyway……that’s how shy I was for years, I love taking photographs, writing , and my animals- being vegan so being a health coach as well I said putting it all together as a blogger was an ideal way to go! So like you I hope to make money doing this!

  3. I really enjoyed my kids when they were younger. They say some of the most funny and honest things ever. And I love them for it. Enjoy your daughter and share your tips.

  4. Staying home with your little one is a wonderful reason for starting a blog, especially if you can make a little income while doing so. It’s also fun to meet and share with other Moms from all over the world.

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