The Perks of Being a Stay at Home Mom

Perks of Being a Stay at Home Mom

Being a mother is the most difficult job to do in life but it is also the most rewarding……

I really enjoy being a stay at home mom. Not to say that it’s the best thing ever because I know it can be a struggle at times too. But I think that the pros definitely outweigh the cons. So here are my personal benefits of being a stay at home mom.

Spending precious time with my little girl

Every day I get to watch my little one grow up, making sure not to miss any of her milestones. This is one of the most exciting things as a mom when you get to witness them. Whether they are learning to walk or saying their first word, those moments are an absolute treasure.

I remember when my little one clapped for the first time. I believe she was around 7 or 8 months at the time. I was super excited and thought it was the most amazing thing ever! Haha! I pulled out my phone and immediately started to record her. She was mimicking what I was doing and I just thought it was the cutest thing. I even posted it on my personal Instagram account to show my friends and family!

Yeah, I know. I may seem to have overreacted to this but it really made this mom happy. It’s those small moments that make staying at home with her worthwhile. These little ones grow up so fast and having that time to spend with them is just priceless.

Not paying for a babysitter or a daycare

From the very start, my husband and I fully agreed that I would stay home with the baby which of course meant I was not working. This was better for us financially because if I was working, I would be practically just giving up my paycheck to the babysitter or the daycare. It just wasn’t worth it. I also felt as though I would just be letting someone else raise my child while I was working.

Now, this is not to bash any moms out there who do work. I completely understand this from a financial point of view. And there are other moms out there who only work part-time as well. I’ve even considered it at one point. I can even see some of the benefits for both the mother and the child.

If I did need to pick up a job though, I would probably try to find something I can do from my house and also able to watch and take care of my little one. There are many jobs out there where you can just work from the comfort of your own home. (I may have a post about that later.)

But anyways, as I mentioned, it was fortunate for us that we were able to have me be home and not having to pay others to watch my little girl. I’m absolutely grateful for that.

Setting my own rules

Since I don’t have a job to get up, get dressed for, drive over and work at, I don’t really have a specific schedule to stick to. Well, at least not for the first few months my baby girl and I came home from the hospital after she was born. But, I can make my own schedule and my own routine that suits me and the baby.

My routine is still a work in progress though, to be honest. Some days it’s nice to be spontaneous even though I’m usually a person who plans out everything and wants everything to go according to plan. (This is something I am working on personally because not every single thing will turn out how you want it and you just have to deal with it.) Staying flexible is the key.

Sorry, I might be going off topic here but, to sum it up, work can have it’s restrictions depending on the job, whereas being at home you can play by your own rules.

Less Stressful……sometimes

I can be a very anxious person worrying about every little thing. Since I’m with my little one all the time, I don’t have to worry as much. I guess another reason for not having a sitter or taking her to daycare was that I would be worried about her all day long. My husband and I do have dates sometimes and leave her with family but I still get nervous. I think I’m the one with separation anxiety, not her. Haha.

There is also not having that pressure of your job. Making sure everything is perfect and meeting deadlines is not a problem anymore. You can check that stress off the list. ☑

With being an introverted mom, it’s nice to be home and not have to socialize with anyone except for your little best friend. I know that it’s good to be social but being in the comfort of my own home is relaxing and I don’t have to get all dressed up for anyone unless I’m expecting company. Ah…it’s nice to be in pajamas all day. 🙂


I hope you enjoyed this post on my perks of being a stay at home mom. I know you other stay at home moms can probably relate. Let me know what other benefits you have experienced from being home with your little one or if you are considering it.

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