Stay at Home Mom: How to Stay Sane

Stay At Home Mom_ How to Stay Sane

Staying Sane as a Stay at Home Mom

Staying at home with my daughter has been truly a blessing that I am grateful for but I have to admit sometimes being home all the time can drive a mama crazy. It can be hard and stressful taking care of your children 24/7 without any breaks. If you are a stay at home mom then I’m sure you can relate to this. So here are some tips on how to stay sane as a stay at home mom.

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Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

This is something that has always been hard for me. I always want to do things by myself which in this case includes taking care of my little girl. Sometimes I would have friends and family ask me if I need help with anything and I usually say no. But soon I realize that getting that help saves me mentally and physically. It gives you a little bit of a break from the constant need from your child even if it’s just for a little bit.

Spend some time outside of the house.

Being cooped up in the house all the time can definitely drive a person crazy. Whether you are doing some shopping or going to the park, going out will save your sanity. We have a small park by our apartment that I like to take my little one to from time to time. It is honestly very hard for me to go out in public with my daughter because of my social anxiety but I try to make the effort for my sake and hers.

Get ready for the day.

As much as I like to wear pajamas all day sometimes it is nice to get dressed up. Not only does it makes me feel good about myself but it also gives me a more productive mindset. I get more done if I dress the part, at least for me this is true. So maybe this is something you mamas can try out and see if this works for you.

Find a hobby.

Look for something to indulge in. It could be drawing, gardening, knitting or even blogging. I needed to have a place to have a creative outlet and blogging was perfect since I love writing. Having a hobby keeps your mind occupied and gives you something to look forward to whenever you have a break in the mornings, afternoon naps, or evening after bedtime. Other than blogging, I like to play a few video games as well. So think about a hobby you would like to do or a new skill you would like to learn. There are so many out there to choose from.


Staying Sane as a Stay at Home Mom


Make sure to have Me-time

This one is a must! I mentioned above about breaks, which are super important when you are a stay at home mom. You can get really drained from taking care of your little ones 24/7. So figure out what is the best time for you to be alone. I try my best to take advantages of mornings and nap times. Make your me-time a relaxing time. Brew yourself some coffee or some tea and let yourself recharge.

Date Night!

Every once in a while, my husband and I have a date night. We usually let family watch our daughter for the evening so we can go out for dinner and a movie. Another good idea is to have a little date night at home after the kids go to bed. Sometimes we get caught up in taking care of our children that we forget about our relationship with our partner. So try to plan out a date night with your hubby. Don’t neglect your relationship.

Have a routine as a stay at home mom.

Now, this is not the same thing as having a strict schedule because it’s hard to stick with one when you have kids. Anything can happen and not everything will turn out how you want it to. I learned this the hard way and only made myself miserable. You don’t want to give yourself unnecessary stress. Here is an example of my routine with my daughter:

  • Wake up
  • Eat Breakfast
  • Brush teeth
  • Play
  • Naptime
  • Play
  • Dinner
  • Brush Teeth
  • Bedtime

It’s not quite specific here but that’s about what we do every day and she usually knows what happens next in the day. Sometimes I will set a certain time when I need to make dinner and put her to bed but I don’t worry about doing things right according to plan because like I said you never know what happens. But sometimes it’s nice to have spontaneous days.


I know as mamas we are always going crazy over something but I hope these tips help mamas be a little bit less stressed with being home all the time with your kids. Let me know in the comments if there are other ways to save your sanity as a stay at home mom. Thank you for reading!

21 thoughts on “Stay at Home Mom: How to Stay Sane

  1. Great advice lovely. Especially in terms of routine. It’s so important to incorporate one. It’s the best thing I did.

  2. Love this!! I am not a stay at home mom and I always admired those who are! But I definitely did most of this when I was on maternity leave. Getting out of the house was key for me! These are such great advice! Thanks for sharing!!!

  3. Jelony | Blogging to help mums – These are very good tips Angel. I definitely found that having a hobby and a routine has really kept me sane and allowed me to give the best of me to my children. Not every day goes as planned but as long as I try to keep with the routine I find that most days work out well

  4. staying at home is harder then you would think. Being a stay at home mom is the hardest job I’ve ever had!!! But I do love it. I used my church for a reason to get out of the house a few times a week. Great friends and someone was always wanting to hold a baby for a few minutes. These people I didn’t mind holding my Baby.

  5. I sure can relate to all this. Being a stay at home mom is demanding yet rewarding. Such good points and tips you have here to keep sane as it can get overwhelming at times. Keep going, you got this. Thanks for sharing😊

  6. I can totally relate to this! When I first became a mom I had a really hard time asking for help and finding “me time”. I felt that those things made me look weak or like a bad mom, but the reality is those things makes me a better mom!

  7. I love this post! I have been a stay-at-home mom now for four years already and sometimes it gets into my nerves too. (Lol). Let’s admit that we are just human who sometimes need ‘me’ time but then feels guilty at times if we don’t get to spend with our attention to our kids….

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