Someone Who Inspires Me

Someone Who Inspires Me

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 13

Someone Who Inspires Me

I know this will sound a bit clique but my mom/aunt(I will explain that soon) is my inspiration. I had a pretty rough past and, to not get into any details, my aunt took me and my two younger brothers in at our time of need.

She took care of us and that’s something I have always appreciated about her. She is probably the sweetest person you can ever meet but if you step out of line she will set you straight. Haha.

She has taught me so much while growing up whether it was how to set up a bank account to learning how to respect others. She knew how to raise us right.

This is something I have realized carried over since I became a mom myself. I noticed that I have become her in some ways which is not a bad thing.

I know some people like to say the phrase “I am not going to be like my mother when I raise my kids.” (Of course, this depends on the situation.) But I am happy that I am like my mom.

I really have to give her some credit though, we were some troublesome kids back then, Haha. But I will always remember what she taught us.

She has been super supportive of my blog and some of the inspiration I have comes from her.

I love my mom and happy that she is in my life.

Do you have someone who inspires you? and who is it?

16 thoughts on “Someone Who Inspires Me

  1. Such a sweet read. I think it’s important to have inspiration (in whatever form). Inspiration molds us into purpose-driven individuals.

    1. Yes, and I am ever grateful for it. That’s awesome. It is always nice to see people look up to their moms.

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