Self-Care: My Favorite Part of the Day

Self-care_ My Favorite Part of the Day

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 8

I love to spend time with my daughter as much as the next mother but I also like to have time for myself. I have been reading a lot lately about self-care and how important it is.

Sometimes we get so busy in life that we tend to forget to take care of ourselves. I know for sure this is something I need to work on. So here a short post on when and what I try to do during my me-time.

Evenings to Myself

Even though I like to get up early before she wakes up but I’ve noticed lately that evening are better for me. So after my daughter goes to bed, that’s when my me-time usually starts. (This is also after spending time with my husband.)

The day is coming to a close and I get a chance to recharge for the next one.

I start in my office and work on my blog a bit. I check emails and do a little bit of writing. Sometimes when it’s not too late I will write in my journal. If I am in my bedroom, I usually do some coloring. I don’t really do both in one night so I just choose whatever I’m in the mood for.

Right before I go to bed, I do my bible reading. That way I will have spiritual things on my mind before I say my prayer and go to sleep.  I try not to stay up too late because I know that sleep is important.

There is nothing much to my me-time but it gets the job done. When you are with a little person almost 24/7 it’s ok to take some time to yourself.  What is your favorite part of the day?

6 thoughts on “Self-Care: My Favorite Part of the Day

  1. My favorite part of the day is also evenings. I’m a night owl, so it’s my time to play catch-up from all the things I didn’t finish earlier in the day. I really like your idea of having an evening routine to wind down. That’s something I gotta work on!

    1. Yeah, I love my evenings. I thought I was more of a morning person but I seem to be more inspired(when writing) and relaxed at night.

  2. My favorite part – I would love for it to be early mornings 🙂 but for now, with the rest of the fam being late owls, it is the last bit of night reading I do for myself

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