Question and Answer

Question and Answer

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 15

Question and Answer

I reach out to my readers hoping to answer some questions you asked me. I am excited for you to get to know me more. This idea came from a prompt from the Ultimate Blog Challenge that I am currently in where you write a blog post every day.

I made it about halfway but had to take a bit of a break because….let’s just say blogging every day was harder than I thought. But that’s ok. I am still trying and still find it super fun. I just love challenges.

Anyways before I get off topic, let’s answer some questions!  

Ruth – What methods do you do to balance your time blogging and being a mum?

Whenever I have the energy to do it, I like to blog in the mornings before my little girl gets up. It takes a lot of discipline but it’s worth it because it’s like my free time. My daughter is also starting to get into independent play or quiet time so I try to take advantage of that sometimes though this doesn’t last a long time.

If I am not too tired by the end of the day then I will do a bit of blogging at night. I do try really hard not to blog while she is up even with quiet time because she is my number one priority.

Tisha – What is your favorite thing about blogging?

My favorite thing about blogging would have to be having the creative freedom to express myself. I have always loved writing since middle school so blogging has really given me that chance to write again and share it with others.

Brittany – What made you decide to do this challenge?

I wanted to do this challenge because I hoped that it will help me to be consistent with my blog and also figured it would be fun to do.

With Love From P – What was your motivation to start blogging?

My motivation to start a blog at first was to make money but now it has really changed because like I mentioned above, I love to write and tell my story. I have really enjoyed creating content for others to read. So now my focus is to just write when the inspiration hits me. I will do a few sponsored post or affiliates here or there but they won’t be my main focus.

Daneisha – Would you like to have more kids?

Yes! I have the desire to have another child and so does my husband but it’s been a slow process. I may talk about it in a future post.

Brandy – Did you ever deal with not getting support with readers or getting people to subscribe to your blog site or social platforms for your blog?

Sometimes. I have about 50 subscribers to my blog which is not much and most are not that active. Those who are, I truly do appreciate. I still try to email my readers even if it is a small amount because they support me.

I am not too worried about it at the moment because I know some experienced bloggers will tell you that if you want to make money you need to build an email list. And that’s not my focus at the moment.

Now on my social platforms for my blog, that’s a different story. I get a good bit of following on them but unfortunately, that doesn’t transfer to subscribers to my blog. I try not to worry myself over it and just focus on the content I make but I do admit it’s a struggle.  

Simoné – What is your ultimate goal you want to achieve with blogging?

My ultimate goal is for my blog to be a source of inspiration and encouragement to others. I want to have content that mamas and others can relate to. I want my blog to something people look forward to coming back to when I have new posts.

Stacey – How long have you been blogging and what tips should you give newbie bloggers?

I have been blogging for 6 months now. I know that is not really long but I have learned so much over this short time. Tips I would give newbie bloggers:

  • Try to stay consistent with your content. Pick a time when you will post and stick with it. I tend to struggle with this at times and when that time gets away from me, I tend to not post anything for a while.
  • Don’t worry about the numbers. Focus on content. This was my biggest problem as a new blogger. I wanted to have so many page views and lot’s of subscribers instantly even on my social platforms and it would only drive me crazy when I wasn’t getting the results I wanted.
  • Take breaks. Running a blog is hard work but if you push yourself too hard you will burn out and lose your motivation.  
  • There is no right or wrong way on how you build your blog. Make it how you like it and do what works for you. Don’t feel like you need to do the exact same thing everyone else is doing because it can lead to disappointment. (Hope that makes sense)
  • If you do want to build traffic work, I suggest working on SEO and Pinterest. Pinterest is my main source of traffic.

Questions from Instagram

Sweetmommalife – Are you working on homeschooling your child? If you are, what have you found to be the most helpful?

I am working on homeschooling my daughter though she is only two right now. I was debating on putting her in school but the system just seems to be getting worse, at least from what I can see. But anyways, I try to teach her things here and there throughout the day.

For example, if she wants blueberries for a snack, we count how many blueberries there are and what color it is. Soon I hope to have a good routine in place where we actually sit down and do a few lessons.

_ourlifelikethis_ – What is your favorite part about being a mom?

My favorite part about being a mom is watching my daughter grow up and seeing the changes in her personality. I love seeing how she learns new things through her eyes.

Socialmediabliss – How has blogging been for you and how do you manage it being a mama?

Blogging has been going pretty good for me. My struggle is being consistent and it’s something I continue to work on. With having a daughter, that sometimes contributes to that. Like I mentioned in my other answer, I try to take advantage or mornings before she gets up and evenings after she has gone to bed. One thing I try not to do is let my blog take time away from my daughter that I should be spending with her. She comes first.

If you have any question you would love for me to answer then head over to my Ask me a Question post! And put your question there. I really appreciate those who have participated. I happy for you all to get to know me more. Hope you enjoyed the answers.

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