Our Potty Training Journey

Our Potty Training Journey

It has taken me a while to write this post because I took my time with my daughter’s potty training. I know there are moms out there who have their kids trained in 3 days which is very admirable but when I implemented those strategies with my daughter…let’s just say it took longer than 3 days.

Unfortunately, I let myself get frustrated with this because I didn’t understand why it was taking so long. But then realized that I’m in no rush to potty train her and every child does things at their own pace. She is smart. I know she will get it but it will be on her own time.

While on this journey I asked moms on Instagram some advice on potty training and I am happy that I did. They shared with me some wonderful tips and tricks. Here I will share what has worked with my toddler.

Potty Training a Toddler

The best time to start potty training is during the weekend if you are a working mom but if you stay at home just pick a few days you are not going out as much.

No pull-ups or diapers during the day.

This has been a good technique but there will be lot’s of messes to clean up.  So be prepared. The only time I would put a diaper on is at night or on a car ride.

Set a timer every 30 mins for the bathroom.

I let the timer go off with a fun sound and tell her excitedly that it’s time for the bathroom. When she hears that sound and sees how excited I am, she is more eager to use the potty. This has really helped.

Making the bathroom a fun environment!

I think this tip is really important because if you seem annoyed or impatient with doing this with your toddler, they will pick up on it and not want to go to the bathroom. So whenever we do go to the potty, I’m energetic and give her high fives when she goes.

Potty Training With a Toddler

Give stickers, not treats for rewards.

So I thought it would be a good idea to give my daughter chocolate chips every time she went to the bathroom. But doing the every-30-minutes technique I realized I was giving her so much chocolate. Haha. I tried to switch to doing stickers which worked for a good bit but then she realized she wasn’t getting chocolate. So…I had to go back to chocolate.

What I gave her was the mini semi-sweet chocolate chips and only gave her one piece. That way she won’t have a crazy sugar rush all day. Curse my sweet tooth! If treats work better than stickers with your child then, by all means, go for it.

If you have a potty, take it in whatever room you are in.

This was a wonderful tip because without me realizing it my daughter would just go over to that potty and use it. Then she would yell “I used the potty!”

One thing I must say is that if they do have accidents try not to get mad or frustrated. They are learning and when we mamas get mad, it only makes it worst. What I try to do is just take her straight to the potty letting her know where we use the bathroom. Don’t worry they will get it.

We have been doing most of these tips for a while and there will be moments where she will regress but we try to get back to it. So patience is key! I have had my moments where I will get frustrated but realize that she is just 2-years-old. I know she will get potty training down eventually. So instead of rushing, I have been taking my time with her.

Lately, though, it seemed to have just clicked for her and she would ask me to take her to the potty every time she needs to. She also reminds me to give her chocolate. Haha. She has even been able to hold herself while in public or in the car until we get to a bathroom. She surprises me sometimes and I’m proud of her.

I hope our little potty training journey can help other mamas and their toddlers too! Remember though every child is different and will learn when they are ready to. So try not to pressure your little one too much.

What other techniques or tips do you mamas have for potty training? What was the best advice that worked for your child?

24 thoughts on “Our Potty Training Journey

  1. You have some great tips here for potty-training. I’ve potty-trained two boys — getting ready to train number three. The one thing I would add is that, in the early weeks, I put a diaper on OVER their underwear when we have to go to the store, etc. Their control isn’t great, and you don’t want them relying on the diaper as a crutch, but you also don’t want to be cleaning up a major accident in the middle of Target. That was the best of both worlds for us!

  2. You’re totally right that every kid is different! My son is still pretty young, almost two, but has shown interest in the potty and asked to go number 2 (and actually gone! But no number 1 for some reason) three times so far. I’m trying not to push him because I know he’s still so young, but those little triumphs have been SO exciting for us!

    1. That’s how my daughter was. It started with #2 and then #1. Slowly but surely they will get it. Thanks for reading!

    1. Yeah exactly. I always tell myself that this is not a race and let them do it on their time. Thanks for reading!

  3. This is exactly the same technique I use for potty training, I am on my third child currently. None of my kids have been potty trained in three days and just did not have a tolerance for that kind of pressure. I love your idea of a fun sound for the alarm. I am going to start to use that idea on my 2 year old now.

  4. I’m trying to potty train my daughter too. It’s been a long and frustrating process. She just seems not to care at this point and she’s almost three. I’ve tried sticker charts, books about the potty and letting her pick out her own panties at the store. I will have to try bringing the potty in which ever room we are in. Maybe that’ll make it easier for her to remember. I have the fun sound set on the timer, but she doesn’t seem to care much about that either. Good luck to you and I’m sure you’re daughter will get it soon. Sounds like you are on the right track.

    1. I hope she gets it soon. It really is a difficult and frustrating process. But they will get it soon enough. Like I mentioned every child is different and will do it on their own time.

  5. Love how patient you are being I know it is a trying time for both momma and child. I did use the potty in the living room too myself with all of mine.

  6. My first child was the hardest to potty train because I just simply have much better of a clue at first. With my second and third things went a lot smoother. I did find that pull-ups, while nice for preventing accidents, held my boys back because they still felt like diapers to them. Putting a pull-up over their underwear still gave them the wet feeling while still protecting mommy’s nerves.

    1. Thank you for reading and sharing. That is something I will start doing with my little girl. It definitely will save the nerves.

  7. I love that you say every child is different! We are just starting to potty train and it’s a hit or miss when it comes to trying different things. This gives me renewed confidence! Thank you!

    1. No problem. I know it be quite discouraging when your child can’t do things others can’t so I always think of it as every child being different. Thank you for reading!

  8. Great advice and the reality that not every kid will be potty trained in 3 days. I’m still working on my 3-year-old. She is just stubborn. I have to keep her naked, so she’ll go in the potty (if she is wearing a pull-up or panties, there is a good chance she will have an accident) she is great with #1 but we are still struggling with #2, so we make a HUGE deal if she does! It’s a battle for sure! But we are getting there 🙂

  9. I am wanting to train my last guy soon 20 m. I can not wait to stop changing diapers. But I am trying to remain patient as he doesnt seem ready just yet. My others day trained early I just wish they would night train already. They are 3 and 5 and still wake up wet.

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