My Toddler’s Favorite Books

My Toddlers Favorite Book

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My Toddler’s Favorite Books

When cleaning up my daughter’s books, I thought about how much she loves it when I read to her. She loves certain books to be read over and over and over again.

So I thought I would share with you what her favorite books are. Maybe there is a book here that you own and your child loves.

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This is probably her most favorite. She is always asking me to read it. When I do, she loves pointing out the bear and some of the other stuffed animals. It’s a cute story about a bear looking for his lost button.

Are You My Mother?

I think this is the first book I read to my daughter when she was born and it pretty much stuck with her. It’s about a cute baby bird who is looking for his mother but doesn’t know what she looks like.

PeekaBoo! on the Farm

This was a cute book I received from Bookroo that I actually did a review on. This book is really fun to do with my daughter because she already loves playing peek-a-boo. In the book, the animals are hiding and you flip it to reveal what animal it is.

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Clifford The Big Red Dog

I think every kid knows who Clifford is. This book was a gift and what’s neat about it is that there are two stories in one. My daughter loves dogs so this was something she loved being read to.

Priddy Baby Books

I have also reviewed these books in another blog post. I love these books because they are great for any age. My daughter was 1-year-old when I bought them for her. It’s a great book to help children recognize things in the world.

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Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?

I’ve read this book so many times to her that I have it memorized. I’m serious. She absolutely loves this book and I do find it cute. Honestly, she loves anything that has to do with animals.

She has even more books that she likes but I think these are her favorite. We are steadily building her little library hoping she will continue to love books.

Does your child have a favorite book? What do they like to read or have read to them?

My Toddler's Favorite Books

16 thoughts on “My Toddler’s Favorite Books

  1. This a great list! I have read some of these to my daughter, but she is too young to truly enjoy being read to just yet. I pinned this for later! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I love this list! Brown Bear, Brown bear is a MUST for little ones! My youngest daughter has had that one since she was two and she still reads it haha.
    I first 100 box set looks awesome! I think I’ll get that one for my niece for Christmas!
    Thanks for posting this!

  3. This is a great list. I remember some of these books from when I was little. My toddler and preschooler love the Sandra Boynton books.

  4. Corduroy and Brown Bear Brown Bear we’re both my children’s favorite books as well. Another one they couldn’t get enough of was the Froggy book series.

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