My Toddlers’ Favorite Books

My Toddlers Favorite Book

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My Toddlers’ Favorite Books

When cleaning up my daughter’s books, I thought about how much she loves it when I read to her. She loves certain books to be read over and over and over again.

So I thought I would share with you what her favorite books are. Maybe there is a book here that you own and your child loves.

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This is probably her most favorite. She is always asking me to read it. When I do, she loves pointing out the bear and some of the other stuffed animals. It’s a cute story about a bear looking for his lost button.

Are You My Mother?

I think this is the first book I read to my daughter when she was born and it pretty much stuck with her. It’s about a cute baby bird who is looking for his mother but doesn’t know what she looks like.

PeekaBoo! on the Farm

This was a cute book I received from Bookroo that I actually did a review on. This book is really fun to do with my daughter because she already loves playing peek-a-boo. In the book, the animals are hiding and you flip it to reveal what animal it is.

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Clifford The Big Red Dog

I think every kid knows who Clifford is. This book was a gift and what’s neat about it is that there are two stories in one. My daughter loves dogs so this was something she loved being read to.

Priddy Baby Books

I have also reviewed these books in another blog post. I love these books because they are great for any age. My daughter was 1-year-old when I bought them for her. It’s a great book to help children recognize things in the world.

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Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?

I’ve read this book so many times to her that I have it memorized. I’m serious. She absolutely loves this book and I do find it cute. Honestly, she loves anything that has to do with animals.

She has even more books that she likes but I think these are her favorite. We are steadily building her little library hoping she will continue to love books.

Does your child have a favorite book? What do they like to read or have read to them?

My Toddlers Favorite Books

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