Learning to Say No To Myself and Others

Learning to say No to Myself and Other

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 5

I am the type of person who likes to take on too many tasks or join someone on a project or group. It is so hard for me to say no and it has led to many regrets. I don’t really hold on to these regrets because I know that they only end up hurting me mentally but I do learn from it. At least try to. Haha

Saying No to Myself

This is mostly towards my blog. There are so many task and projects that I would love to do but don’t really have time for them. Sometimes I need to slow down and figure out what I am working on right now to see if this is too much for me.

I’m trying to do only one thing at a time which is hard because I feel like I can do things all at once, trying to “save time.”  Which usually doesn’t happen.

What has helped me to be able to say no to myself is scheduling and evaluating if this is something needed or not. I wonder if a project can be done at a certain time and how I will do it. I also like to set little tasks for myself that I know I am able to accomplish. (Hoping this all makes sense, I am just writing out my thoughts. Haha.)

Saying No to Others

This has been really hard lately. Sometimes I have people approach my blog to have a collaboration. Or someone will come to me to sell something. These are not particularly bad things but I have to learn to say no when my plate is full.

I tend to be too nice sometimes and I realize this only ends up in disappointment and maybe an empty wallet. Haha. But seriously I am learning my lesson.

Back to what I mentioned before I have to evaluate if this is something I really need or not. And for a collaboration, I need to ask myself will I have time to do this and not disappoint the other person.

After I am done with the Ultimate Blog Challenge, I hope to slow things down on my blog and take time to really give it my best. I want to present the best content out there for my readers.  I can’t do that if I have so many projects going on all at once.

10 thoughts on “Learning to Say No To Myself and Others

  1. Hi Angel,
    Yes, that is the same way with me! I will volunteer to help someone because no one else did, and then I don’t finish my own tasks on time! All. The Time. So I’m trying to schedule, as you say, and set realistic goals.
    Thanks for this very relatable post!

  2. That’s a common problem many people face in their businesses… so much to do and not enough hours in the day. I used to bog myself down, too. but I created a framework of all that ‘needed’ to be done and chunked it down. Works brilliantly. Try it. You’ll be glad you did 🙂

  3. Angel, you’ll get there. There are a lot of great and simple time management tools out there to help you with your time, learning to say no is usually the real challenge. Great post.

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