How to Transfer from Co-sleep to Crib

How To transfer from Crib to Co-sleep

Patience and Consistency. You will need both when transferring your child from your bed to their crib. The suggestions I mention here are straight from my experience and has worked for my little one. This is honestly not easy but I know you got this! I hope my experience and tips can help you and your child get a goodnight’s rest. So let’s start off with the first one!

Have a bedtime routine.

Having a good bedtime routine helps your child to know when they are getting ready for bed. This is something I struggled with before implementing a routine. We would just have dinner and then it was whatever happened next. When she went to bed, we went to bed so we would end up staying up late with her until she fell asleep. We definitely needed to change that if we wanted her to sleep in her own crib.

So now our new routine is, eating dinner, playing a bit in the living room, brush teeth, take a shower or bath, say a prayer and then bedtime. Now your routine doesn’t have to be exactly like this. You set a time and do what works for you and your child. For example, if your child likes books, maybe read a story before it’s time for bed. Once you get that going that prepares the way for him or her to transition to a bed or crib.

Give your little one something to cuddle with.

Find something that you think they would like to cuddle with like a blanket or a stuffed animal. My daughter has a cute grey stuffed bunny that she hugs when sleeping. It’s one of her favorite things. Remember they were cuddling with you in bed before this, so finding that comforting object will help them stay calm.

If breastfeeding, limit your time feeding at night.

I know that it is so easy just to have them in bed with you when they need their nightly feeding but you got to break the habit if you are determined to have them in a crib. So maybe you can lessen that time for feeding at night so you won’t be tempted to bring them back to bed with you.

When we were in the process of this, we were also discontinuing the breastfeeding. She was probably around 16 months at the time. So it made things a bit easier. This is only a suggestion, so do whatever works for you and your little one. 🙂

Don’t pick up your child.

Ok…Here comes the super hard part. You ready…? Here we go.

When you lay them down to go to bed, they will cry with this sudden change of position. Now not everyone does this but we had her crib in our bedroom. I would let her know that “It’s bedtime” and say “It’s okay mommy is here” while rubbing her back. Then I would go lay down in bed. I wouldn’t let her cry for long and would get back up and repeat the same thing until she fell asleep in her crib. One thing I didn’t do was pick her up. I gave her the comfort she needed by letting her know I was there continuously. This sometimes lasted all night. It took her a few days to get adjusted to the routine.

Don’t make the mistake I did… She was doing so good at laying in the crib without crying and we even would leave the room while she was falling asleep. But one day she had a bit of a cold and I decided to keep her in bed with us. Once she got better, we had to start the whole process over again. Ugh… So try to stick with it, which is my next tip.

Stay consistent and motivated.

I know this can be super difficult at the beginning of this whole process but it will be worth it. So try to stay on top of her bedtime routine and be consistent with how you put her to bed.

Don’t give into the crying. No more small feet kicking your face at night and taking your whole side of the bed. (This happened with my husband and I. Haha.) Go out there and get your bed back! You can do this!


I hope I was able to provide some useful tips on transferring your little one from co-sleeping to a crib through my experience. This worked for my child and yours may be totally different so make sure you know your little one and do what’s best for them. Was there anything there that has helped your child? Do you have any other suggestions for mamas out there? Let me know in the comments!

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  1. We transitioned my son from a rocker in our room to his crib in his at 5 months and man, those first three nights were hard. They were SO worth it though! Thanks for sharing all these great tips.

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