How I Create my To-Do-List and Actually Do Them

How I make my to-do list and actually do them

In the past, I would do my daily tasks when I feel the need to or when they came to mind. Whenever I thought about something I needed to do, I never wrote it down which was my first mistake. I forget things pretty easily so I wasn’t doing myself any favors. Either I would forget and end up remembering to do it last-minute or completely forget altogether.

It was honestly stressful for me to be that way so I took the initiative to figure out what I could do to get my tasks done and how to get myself motivated to do them.

First thing I needed to do was get a planner! All mamas need a planner. I bought a super cute one from Wal-mart which I use specifically for my blog and work schedule and then bought another one from Bloom Planners.  I use this one for our family life and such. I really love the Bloom planners a lot. They are affordable and super cute. They even have a sales section which is a good place to find discounted planners which is how I got mine.

So having a planner really made a big difference. I had one on my phone but, for me, it’s not the same when you can physically write it down.

Sundays are the days when I plan out my week.

I first make a list in sections like cleaning, blog, work, my daughter’s activities, meals(sometimes), and other important tasks. I write down in each of those sections what I need to do for that week. 

To Do List Chart
Now, this is just a general idea of how I write down my tasks and is usually done in more detail.

Then I start to distribute the tasks evenly throughout the week. 

As soon as I remember that I need to get something done whether it’s paying bills or organizing my desk, I write it down as soon as it pops up in my head because if I don’t, as I mentioned before, I will definitely forget.  Gotta love mama brain.

How I Motivate Myself to do the Tasks

I rewarded myself. I give myself incentives to complete tasks that really need to be done. For example, if I get all of my cleaning tasks done for the day then I reward myself by playing video games. I know that may sound silly but it helps. 

Another thing is having that list and checking it off as you go. When I have seen what I have done so far, it makes me want to do more just so I can check off my whole list.

So this is how I do my to-do lists and how I get them done. I know it can be hard sometimes to get the motivation to get those tasks done but seriously writing them down made such a big difference with me as well as getting a physical planner.

How do you get things done? Do you have a planner?

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  1. I got a planner for the first time this year! I am still trying to figure out how to integrate it into my life. I have been making lists but not always accomplishing them.

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