How I Chose my Blog Name

How I Chose My Blog Name

Picking a blog name is tough. You really have to put a lot of thought into it. It has to be something that relates to what the focus of your blog is whether it is about food, photography, travel, or motherhood. I want to let you know how I chose mine so that if you are thinking about blogging it will give you an idea of what to look for.

When I decided that I wanted to make a blog, it actually wasn’t’ going to be about motherhood. I wanted it to be about video games. I know. That is a big change from video games to motherhood but I was really passionate about it. I played all sorts of games and always caught up with the latest news.

I came up with the name BluePixelAngel. Blue is my favorite color. Pixel makes me think of video games and Angel is my name. I really love this name. I actually use it for some of my gamer tags. Having a baby though, took up most of my free time. I didn’t really play video games as much and even though I was caught up in the latest game news, we couldn’t really afford to buy and play them.

It was time-consuming and expensive. All of that needed to be spent on my baby girl. Then it hit me. Why don’t I just make a mom blog? I could talk about what I am already doing and try to relate to other moms. I love being a mom so this was a perfect plan.

So now I had to think of another name. It wasn’t too hard to figure out my first name but the second one was a bit difficult. There are many mom blogs out there so a lot of them were unavailable. It took me awhile to come up with a name because I had to make sure that it wasn’t taken, not only as a domain name but also across social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. So I jotted down some ideas.

It can be super fun coming up with names because you can get a little creative. But you have to be careful about wanting the perfect blog name because then you will never actually start your blog. You just have to keep it simple, sweet, and to the point. HEY! Simplysweetmama! That’s it! Just kidding that’s not how I figure out my name. Haha. I went through a few before I stuck with that one.


When I actually wrote down Simplysweetmama, I instantly knew that was going to be my blog’s name. Simply was something I thought was cute. I picked sweet because many people I have met told me that I am a sweet person and also the fact that I have a ginormous sweet tooth. Hehe… And then mama because hey, look at that I’m a mama. 😛

So as you can see that is now my website’s name and I am pretty happy with it. Now I would like to ask how did you choose your blog name? Was it hard to come up with it? Was it your first choice?

How I chose my Blog Name

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9 thoughts on “How I Chose my Blog Name

  1. Aw how sweet. You are so together. I tookmyown name bc I thought I’d be advertising my ebooks, haha not yet. So my blog has a name but its not my url. Hope its not confusing. But overall I’m still keeping it like that bc for the future I like having my name, ultimately for branding purposes. You remind me of myself. Used to love v-games and anime. Glad you are blogging and hope you go far.

    1. Thank you so much. ❤ When in doubt, just use your name especially if you’re making a brand for yourself. I don’t think it’s confusing to have your blog name not your URL. I’ve seen some bloggers do it successfully. It is your blog, so I think having your name as a URL is actually pretty smart. 😄

  2. I chose my blog name because all the other ones I wanted were chosen (including my own real name). I don’t exactly love it but I’m trying to build a brand around it. I love your evolution from video game blogger to mom blogger! I’m still trying to pin down my perfect niche 🙂

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