Getting Back To It (Update)

Getting Back to it (Update)

Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 9

I am hoping to be able to catch up to this blogging challenge I am currently in. I am a bit behind. Writing a blog post every day was harder than I thought. Haha. Maybe I jumped the gun a tiny bit. But I hope to continue on and try my best.

Update on what is going on:

I recently had to go through a hurricane but in the location I was in, the hurricane passed us as it headed more east than west. We did have the power go out at our apartment but not for very long.

Ever since then I have been having internet problems with my laptop and sometimes my phone. So I try to use the mobile hotspot off of my phone when I get the chance to.

Topic for Day 9: Traveling

I haven’t done too much traveling in a good while beside visiting family. I remember back in high school when my brother graduated, we took a trip on a cruise to Jamaica. That was the first time I have ever been out of the states. That was a fun experience.

Now that I am married and have a child I haven’t really thought too much about traveling until my husband and I was talking about it one day. We both would love to visit Japan. That is my dream destination. I was always fascinated with the culture ever since I was a kid.

Photo by David Edelstein on Unsplash

I was really into anime. (Yes, I am a nerd…Haha.) So when I found out anime comes from Japan, I look into the country and its culture. It interested me because of how different it was from the U.S. So I thought “Hey, one day I would like to visit this place.”

So in the future, we hope to plan a trip there.

Where would you like to visit? If you are a traveler, where was your favorite place to visit?

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