Fun and Easy things to do at home with a 2-year-old

Fun and Easy Activities to do With a Toddler

Time is going by fast. My daughter will be two in about a month. With her getting older, she has become more fun to play with. I wish time would slow down though because I am loving these precious moments with her. Let me give you some fun ideas to do with your toddler while at home.

Sing and Dance

We do this almost every day! I love singing and dancing with her, though this is something I don’t particularly do in public where people are watching. I would just embarrass myself. Haha. We don’t have a karaoke machine or anything like that so I go on Youtube and look up different songs to sing. We mostly sing Disney songs and the occasional nursery rhymes but its all super fun. I tend to really get into it sometimes. Hehe.

Along with the singing, we dance too. I like to choose children songs that are interactive and tell you what the moves are. For example, “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes.” I think every mom knows that! and also “Patty Cake”. Sometimes I would set my Wii console up and put in the Zumba game. It’s so cute and funny whenever I see my little girl shaking her hips to the music.

Coloring and Drawing

I think I enjoy coloring more than she does. It can be just so relaxing. Even though my daughter likes to color, she tends to just want to watch me do it. I tell her that she can color and draw too but she loves to watch me.

I think she does that so that she can learn what I’m doing. She surprised me one day when she drew a circle on her sketch pad. I was quite impressed! It’s a good opportunity to teach her some colors and shapes as well.

Reading Books

You probably already do this with your little one anyways but I love reading to her. Whenever we get ready to read a book, I let her choose which one to read. I tend to give the characters in her books voices and make lots of sound effects. It really brings the characters to life and makes it super fun. Sometimes I can get a laugh out of her depending on what kind of voice I make. Haha.

Doing crafts

I’ve honestly been hesitant to do crafts with my little girl because of the mess but I realized that’s the fun of it. I remember seeing some cute crafts on Pinterest on how to make a jellyfish using egg cartons. We already had some colorful construction paper which I cut out and used as the legs. Instead of paint, I used washi tape to cover the single egg carton I cut out. I also taped the legs on the inside.

It was a cute and easy project and there are plenty more simple ideas on Pinterest if you can’t think up any. My daughter loved the final result and wanted to make more. Soon we will be doing some projects with painting once I’m brave enough. >_<

Movie Day

On Fridays, we have a bit of a lazy day and do movies. We have lots of cute kids movies for my daughter and me to watch. I have to admit though I will take a cartoon over a serious movie any day. One movie that my daughter really loves to watch over and over again is My Neighbor Totoro. It’s a super cute and fun movie about these two sisters who move out in the country and meet these creatures in the forest that they can only see.

The best part about having movie day besides the snacks is when my daughter snuggles up to me as we watch the movie together. It’s just so sweet. <3

This is what we love to do at home. What do you like to do with your little one while you are home? Let me know in the comments! Thank you for reading.

Fun and Easy Activities to do with a Toddler at home

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