What I Don’t Miss About Being Pregnant

What I Don't Miss About Being Pregnant

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What I Don’t Miss About Being Pregnant

As wonderful as being pregnant can be, there are some downsides. Here I will share with you what I didn’t miss while I was pregnant.

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Morning Sickness

Interestingly enough, I didn’t really get morning sickness until later in my pregnancy. I heard from some moms that it is their first symptom.

I know when I had it, it wasn’t always the mornings. Sometimes it would just happen randomly throughout the day or be triggered by a certain smell. It was just a miserable feeling.

Belly Getting in the Way

As much as I loved letting my belly hang out, it did get in the way a lot. When you are not used to having a belly it can really through a person off sometimes.

I would try to reach for something and realize that it’s something I can’t do this moment until the belly is gone. So even though I liked being pampered, there were times where I felt a bit useless.

What I Don't Miss from being Pregnant


I did this unintentionally and when I caught what I was doing, I would feel a bit embarrassed. I can see how it can be cute for other pregnant women though. But I looked super silly doing it. Haha.

Sleeping on My Side

I don’t move around when I am sleeping but I like to adjust myself, getting into comfortable positions, until I do fall asleep. I can’t exactly do that when I am pregnant.

If I remember correctly, lying on your left side is a good position to be sleeping in when you are pregnant. I can’t tell you how hard and uncomfortable it was to stay in that position.

Peeing Every Second

The constant going back and forth to the bathroom drove me a bit bananas. I swear my daughter was using my bladder as a trampoline.

Despite all the things I did not like about my pregnancy, it was absolutely worth it in the end because I gave birth to my sweet baby girl. I love her to death and don’t regret it one bit.

So mamas, what was one thing you didn’t like about your pregnancy?

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