Coloring with my Daughter

Coloring With my Daughter Ultimate Blog Challenge Day 4

Coloring With My Daughter

Whenever its time to play with my daughter, we sometimes do some coloring. As fun as it can be to play with toys and do a couple of crafts, I love to color with her. It’s a great time to relax.

I would color with her in her cartoon coloring books but for some odd reason, she would always try to make me draw or color instead. I finally am able to convince her that she needs to be coloring too. Haha.

This has also been a wonderful opportunity to teach her about colors. She so far knows how to identify about 10 colors. Every time we do playtime, I try to take the chance to teach her a little something here and there.

Now that we do this activity more, I have been looking into coloring books for adults, where the pages are much more elaborate than just a cartoon character. While looking online I found the cutest coloring book called Secret Garden.

Here is the book below. 

Secret Garden
Bought this book online with the Wish app.

I love anything that is floral so this was the perfect coloring book for me. What is neat about this book is that there is space for you to do free-hand drawing and continue patterns. Some pages have Mandela floral designs as well which are beautiful.

Secret Garden page

So now I have my own book to color and doodle in and she has hers. I have to admit, coloring is my favorite part of the day because of how relaxing and even therapeutic it can be. It’s like our quiet time. Do you color with your children? Or color in your free time?

12 thoughts on “Coloring with my Daughter

  1. that book is simply gorgeous.. i love drawing and coloring too and need to look for those coloring books i got now 🙂 and spending time doing things we both enjoy – for my daughter and me is wonderful so i totally love that you are doing this ..

  2. Such a pretty book and I love that you’re incorporating learning through play. Such a clever girl knowing ten colours already.

  3. I love the idea of coloring with your daughter. When I was growing up (many, many, many years ago) coloring and paper dolls was a big thing. We had no electronics, heck we didn’t even have a TV or telephone! But it’s a bonding time when you can turn off the electronics and just spend some good old fashion coloring time! My granddaughter who just had her first daughter, will probably be doing the same thing! She’s already reading to her at a month old. Enjoy your coloring time with your sweet little one, they tend to grow up too fast.

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