Bedtime Routine for Toddlers

Bedtime Routine for Toddlers

Toddlers need a routine…At least mine does. It lets them know how the day is going to be planned out. They are more willing to cooperate with you and routines help us take control of our life so that it doesn’t overwhelm us. 

Toddlers don’t need a strict schedule because they can be quite unpredictable but a routine is a must, especially a bedtime routine.

Like I mentioned, having that routine can help your child be more cooperative which includes going to bed….sometimes. Haha.

My daughter is strong-willed so it can be a struggle at times but she knows the routine and knows what to expect. So I would like to share what our bedtime routine is like.

Bedtime Routine For Toddlers

My toddler’s bedtime routine

After dinner, which is usually around 7:00 pm, we have free time which is either playing with toys or watching a little t.v.

When it gets to 8:00 pm, we start bath time or rather shower time.

Then we put on pajamas, brush teeth and head to her room to read some books.

It is around 9:00 pm at this time so it’s time to go to bed and go to sleep. Depending on how tired she is, she will fall asleep pretty quick. Sometimes I will stay with her until she does.

And that’s it! That is our bedtime routine and we try our best to stick to it. What is your routine like for your child?

I made a cute printable to use for a bedtime routine. Click the link under the picture below to get a copy!

Bedtime Routine Printable

>My Bedtime Routine Printable<

You can use this printable to have a visual guide for your child so that they know what their routine is. To avoid tears and stains, I suggest getting it lamented. I hope this printable provides to be useful and helps your little one with their bedtime routine. 

Bedtime Routine For Toddlers

26 thoughts on “Bedtime Routine for Toddlers

  1. You are so right toddlers need routine! As a momma to a now teenager I can honestly say that starting this young with a routine makes everything so much easier when the kids are older!

  2. A bedtime routine is super important! A few of my friends just let their kids fall out when ever they feel like it. I’m like no ma’am my sons have a routine and a bedtime.

  3. Yes a bedtime routine is so important for a toddler, actually for any child. It helps give an order to their world that they can count on. Even though they can’t tell time they know that is it bedtime when you start playing out their routine. My kiddos are grown now (well teenagers so almost) but even an adult can benefit from a bedtime routine.

  4. We do the shower, lotion, PJs, teeth, two books, and bed with a lullaby. Having a routine is great for when someone else has to get her down because she knows exactly what to expect. We also make sure that we switch off who does bed and if Grandma and Grampy are visiting, they do it. Great printable!

  5. Our routine is very similar to your. Bath after dinner, Pj’s, a little wrestle play time with dad. Story and tucked in for the night.
    Not always smooth, but it works most of the time.

  6. I like the simplicity of your routine. I also like to stick around in my kids room, until they get older, and use this routine to wind myself down and prepare me for bedtime. Sometimes I sing to them, tell them a story or just sit quietly listening to their quiet music.

  7. I totally agree with having a loose routine. It has caused me so much frustration to stick to a rigid routine. Part of our bedtime routine is a snack 😉

  8. Love this post! We are struggling with a little bit of a bedtime sleep regression with our 2.5 year old so I will need to think about employing some of these tips! Hopefully make our life much easier!!

  9. I undervalued the importance of a bedtime routine for so long. Once I started implementing one, I saw a big difference immediately. It’s so funny how fast they pick up on things and how out of sorts they get if you change up the routine. Now if I can just get her to sleep through the night!

    1. Yes! They really do catch on fast. and yeah, my toddler has a little trouble sleeping through the night herself but she will have her days sometimes.

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