5 Ways to Stay Motivated

5 Ways to Stay Motivated

The stresses of life definitely can have an impact on how we feel or how we live our life. Some people can stay positive no matter what comes their way. Others (like me) tend to lose interest in almost everything when stress hits us. We end up being consumed by negativity and are not motivated to do anything because we feel that it’s useless. Sometimes I get so bombarded that I want to give up on my blog. But I want to share what usually helps me stay motivated. We got this!


Don’t Worry Or Stress About Things You Can’t Control.

This is honestly something I am constantly working on. Sometimes we are under different circumstances that are beyond our control. The main thing here is to try to manage your emotions and your actions. You’re the only one who can control them. Don’t let these unexpected events control you! The sooner you can overcome these obstacles that come your way, the faster you will be able to move on to something that is worth your time and effort.

I always want things to go according to plan straight from the start. I try to remind myself of the scripture in Ecclesiastes 9:11 where it mentions “…time and unexpected events overtake them all…” We can’t tell the future. Things will happen and sometimes there is nothing we can do about it. So we need to focus on what we can do instead of worrying about what we can’t do.

Have People Who Support You.

Sometimes when you’re doing some kind of project on your own, or in my case it’s blogging, it can be hard when don’t have any support. It makes you feel alone in the process and you end up unmotivated.

My family has been a big support on my blogging journey. I would send them links to my blog and ask them for some feedback. The other day my husband came to me as I was working on my blog and asked me how I was doing. I told him about how I working on making my blog posts SEO friendly. He said, “Oh, you mean Search Engine Optimization?” I was taken back a bit and surprised he knew what I was talking about. Come to find out he has been doing some research on his own to understand what I was doing.

This made me super happy and made me even more motivated than before! So make sure you have someone to support you no matter what you’re working on.

Make Sure You Have A Plan.

When you have something planned out, it usually makes you more motivated to get things done. When you don’t have a plan, you tend to have nothing to really go on so you end up being stuck where you are.

Something you can do, which helps me, is to write a to-do list. I usually have my planner with me wherever I go. Every Sunday night I write down what I need to do for the week. I schedule my bible reading and also the tasks I want to accomplish with on my blog for that week. I don’t really plan out anything on my phone because I like things to be tangible. But planning things on your phone may work better for you.


Here is a free To Do List to print out.

 Click here for the PDF file!

You may have already heard this saying before many times but, “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Oh, how true this can be.


Take A Break!

When I first started blogging, all I wanted to do with my time was focus on writing, doing research on everything related to blogging and making sure everything was perfect on my blog. I was beginning to burn out really fast. In the mornings, during my daughter’s naptime and at night when she went to bed were the times I worked on it. It was getting quite overwhelming and I was becoming less and less motivated to do it.

So now I try to just do my blogging in the mornings and during naptime. I try not to focus on it at all on the weekends. I really had to set a schedule for myself and take those breaks when needed.

It’s hard whenever you feel like you need to get so much done and that the breaks feel like a waste of time. But if you do take those breaks, it will help you recharge and not become overwhelmed with your tasks. So take a breather, you deserve it.

Focus On Your Goals.

Why are you doing this project you have taken on? What are your goals? Sometimes I have to remind myself of why I started blogging and what my goals are. It helps, like when you are planning, to write them down. Maybe you can even post it on your fridge or wall so that you see it every day.  When you have that goal in mind, it will motivate you to accomplish it.

I usually start my goals off small. When I accomplish them, it lets me know that I can do this. I’m motivated to pursue even bigger ones now. So make sure to set reasonable goals because sometimes if you set yourself too high, you may end up disappointed.

This is what has really helped me stay motivated. Can you relate to some of these? Do you have any other tips on how you stay motivated? Let me know in the comments.

5 ways to stay motivated

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