25 Different Ways to Save Money

25 Different Ways to Save Money

We are all trying to save money any way we can. So I searched and compiled a list of how to cut cost. Hope these will help and give you some ideas!

  1. First things first, Track down your expense for the month and see where you need to cut! It will help you see where all your money is going to.
  2. Cut your cable. We don’t really watch T.V. anymore so there’s no use for it.
  3. Cook your own food! Making lunch for work instead of ordering food can really help out.
  4. Use coupons! This is something I need to work on but I tend to always find things on sale.
  5. Use cash back apps. I use Ibotta and 51 Checkout. I’ve earned a good bit of change using these.
  6. Drink water. We don’t really drink soda. Mostly it’s just water and sweet tea which I make my own. Cutting out other drinks really can save us a ton.
  7. Speaking of drinking water, when you do go out to eat, just order water. You may already know this, though it can be tempting to just order a yummy drink with your meal.
  8. Wash your own car instead of going to a car wash.
  9. Make a list before going to the grocery store. I tend to be forgetful and get what I don’t need, so having a list really helps me out.
  10. Buy generic instead of the store brand. This depends on what items you get but if they have the same ingredients and taste good, I usually buy the cheaper one.
  11. Make your own coffee. No hate to Starbucks but going there every morning to buy a coffee can be a bit expensive when you add it up.
  12. Also if you make coffee, use a flask instead of buying the paper cups. We were doing that for a while and realized we need to just buy some flasks. We drink a lot of coffee.
  13. Meal plan. Think about what you want to make for dinner for the week and then make that list for grocery shopping. Saves time and money.
  14. Cancel your memberships and subscriptions. When you track down your expense, see what you are not using anymore. My husband and I didn’t really use Hulu or Netflix so we went ahead and canceled both of them. It saved us at least 25$ a month.
  15. Exercise at home. This depends on if you really need the equipment at the gym or not.
  16. Do your own hair, if you can.
  17. Shop at thrift stores. I went to one looking for a pair of pants. Found one that was not used and still had the tag on it. The jeans were 3 dollars and fit me perfectly. You never know what you find unless you look.
  18. Instead of buying gifts for people, maybe you can try to make one. This is something I am trying to work on.
  19. Sell items you don’t use anymore. Hold a yard sale or sell stuff on eBay.
  20. Have a piggy bank. We have one in the house and we make sure that if we have any change we put it in there.
  21. Turn your lights off. If you are going out or it’s bright outside pull up those blinds and turn the lights off. No need to be wasting energy.
  22. Also, use energy-saving bulbs. Help cut that electric bill.
  23. If you are able to, carpool, walk or bike to work. You can really save some money on gas.
  24. Have fun without spending so much. For example, my husband and I don’t often go to the movies especially now that we have a little one but what we would do is just rent a movie or watch some DVDs we already have and relax at home. So figure out where you can have fun without breaking your wallet.
  25. You may have heard this one but carry cash on you. Sometimes we are hesitant to buy things when we have cash. It’s been super true for me.

I hope this gave you some ideas on how to save money. You may already be doing most of these things on this list. What has helped you? If you have some more ideas on saving money let me know in the comments!


8 thoughts on “25 Different Ways to Save Money

  1. Great cost-cutting ideas! I’ve done several, so I feel good that I’m on the right track… but you gave ame a few more ideas as well 🙂

  2. I was thinking about this today. Need to start cutting back and saving more. Thanks for the tips!!

  3. Interesting ways to save money. I always tend to spend money on eating out and I know that’s where the majority of my income resides. Awesome tips though. I’ll try to use some of them I’m my daily life and see if it works out!

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